Autistic Child's Immuniological Lab Results

Fri Dec 8 10:30:52 EST 1995

kimberla at (Kimberla Kae Baertlein) wrote:
>I had some extensive lab workup on my on who is severly aflicted by his
>autism.  I am going to list all his recent lab results and any comments
>or addtional input would be greatly appreciated.  Here goes:

Dear Kimberla Kae,

Why did you have these test done in the first place?
I will try and give my comments. Now, I am a cellular immunologist which means
that I am not a clinician, but I think the serology results indicate that your
son have either recently suffered an infection (maybe without symptoms) or has 
recently been vaccinated.

>Test          Result        Reference Range
>IgM           71.5          (0.0-0.0)
>IgA           210           (33-200)
>IgE           162.7         (0.0-50.0)
>T-Lymphocyte Mitogen Proliferation Anaylsis
>PHA% Index    100           Greater than 70%   What is PHA?
>CON A% Index  83            "              "   What is CON?
>PWM% Index    84            "              "   What is PWM?

PHA, ConA and PWM are lectins, these are often used to indicate the maximal 
stimulation of (peripheral blood) T cells. If these figures were low (which they 
are not) this could mean that the T cells are functionally impaired as can be 
observed in some autoimmune diseases (e.g. synovial fluid T cells of reumatoid 
arthritis patients).

>Lymphocyte Antigen Proliferation Anaylisis
>Candidia Stimulation Index  1.0          > or = 3.0
>Tetanus Stimualtion Index   5.4          > or = 3.0
>PPD Stimulation Index       0.6          > or = 3.0  What is PPD?

These antigens (PPD is purified protein derivative of Mycocaterium tuberculosis) are 
 used to assess the antigen-specific (as opposed to the a-specific lectin induced) 
function of T cells. In this case only a mild response of your son's T cells to 
tetanus toxoid is observed which is normal, as most people receive tetanus toxoid 
boosts regularly.

>T Lymphocytes
>% CD3 (Mature T Cells)      76           55-85%
>B Lymphocytes
>% CD19 (Earliest B Cell)    15           5-25%

These percentages are normal

>Pediatric Lymphocyte Enumeration Reference Ranges
>Total WBC Count            6000-17500/CMM
>Total Lymphs (%of WBC)     50-70%
>Total Lymphocyte Count     3000-12250/CMM
>% CD3 (Mature T-Cells)     57-85%
>Absolute CD3               2040-6000/CMM
>T-Lymphocyye Subsets
>%CD4 (Helper/Induver)      34-57%
>Absolute CD4               1300-4100/CMM
>%CD8 (Cytotoxic/Supressor) 18-42%
>Absolute CD8               750-2600/CMM
>CD4/CD8 Ratio              1.1-3.5
>%CD19                      19-26%
>Absolute CD19              610-1830
>Any help with these lab results would be appreciated.  Please reply to
>this post either by list or private...Whateever you choose.  My email
>address is listed below.  Thank you for your time.
>Kim - Oregon
><kimberla at>
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Hoping to have been of some help. If you need more explanation, please contact me 

d.orsini at

Good luck,


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