Ideas for Immuno lab experiments

Mon Dec 11 15:51:27 EST 1995

Hi All,

    I teach an immunology course every other year in the Fall semester 
(Immunology Bio. 312, 4 semester credit hours). I have a lab component to the 
course. Since it is impossible to get human blood or serum from hospitals or 
clinics, we use blood from the students. I have a medical technologist speak to 
the class, talk about anticoagulants and demonstrate venipuncture. The students 
could practice venipuncture on each other if they wanted to. Any of the blood 
obtained was used in the succeeding lab periods. We take precautions to prevent 
hepatitis or HIV but I am still concerned.

    I want to develop some new laboratory experiments that are safe, fairly 
easy to prepare, inexpensive, and demonstrate basic principles of immunology 
and serology.

    Your ideas will be greatly appreciated.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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