Tyroid funtion lab-need help....

Kimberla Kae Baertlein kimberla at teleport.com
Mon Dec 11 23:27:54 EST 1995

My son has T3, T4 and TSH done and the following are his lab results
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

T3 was 22.9     Reference range was 22.0-36.0  This is a low normal range
T4 was 18.3     Reference range was 4.1-11.3   This was high
TSH was 2.71    Reference range was .70-5.70   This was normal
FTI was 4.2     Reference range was 1.4-3.4    This was high

Does this mean anything?  Should I look forward to having any other lab
tests done?   What is FTI stand for? Why would his TSH be in normal
range and the others be high.  

Kim Baertlein-Oregon
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