Root canels as the cause of immunological supression

John lan at dubb.demon.co.uk
Tue Dec 12 14:38:57 EST 1995

I had a root filling performed 35 months ago, it started to cause
periodic pain a few months later.  I also began to suffer from
frequent viral type illnesses (colds, flu, fatigue).  About 17 months
ago the pain in the tooth became more severe.  I went to a new dentist
who told me that there was a probable infection at the top of the root
filling in the gum.  She prescribed me antibiotics and said if the
pain doesn't go she will remove the root filling and drain it.

I never took many of the antibiotics, because i was reacting badly to
them (stomach upset). Anyhow, the pain appeared to subside. However I
was still getting flu like illnesses which were becoming more frequent
and severe.  My doc sent me to an immunologist 11 months ago, he did
an EBV antibody test and told me i had recently (about 1 month ago)
had Mono (Glandular fever).  Me symptoms have now become chronic:
Muscle twitching, muscle soreness, fatigue, tender lymph nodes, post
exercise fatigue.

I have recently read that a root infection in the gum can spread
around the entire body and cause multi system failures due to
immunological supression.  My dentist
said that she had never heard of that theory.  Is it possible? and if
so, how do i treat it?  Also, could my chronic illness be the cause of
mercury fillings?  I have four

Recently, the pain in the root filling has recently started again, and
the dentist has now removed it (1 week ago).  


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