Did Vaccines eliminate Polio

C. Sandiford C.Sandiford at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Dec 13 05:08:06 EST 1995

What is going on out there.  I thought this was suppose to be the age of reason.

Polio vaccines have done a great deal to reduce the incidence of this
crippling disease and for any people out there that think Polio was miss
classisied before, I suggest they get out from in front of computer screens
and visit parts of the world were children are still being crippled by this
disease.  I also suggest that they read
last weekends newspapers and ask themselves why the Indian goverment
vaccinated over 75 million under 3 year old children, and why they intend to
repeat the exercise.

Our ultimate goal as medical researchers should be the elimination of
disease wherever it is found.

Colin Sandiford 

Colin Sandiford

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