subtractive immunization in rabbit

jlcruise jlcruise at STTHOMAS.EDU
Wed Dec 13 18:35:29 EST 1995

I am looking for protocol suggestions to induce tolerance in rabbits to 
a complex extract from rat liver.  I would like to try to do subtractive 
immunization, in an effort to raise antisera that will recognize the 
different antigens present in another complex extract from liver that I 
know contains a subset of newly expressed proteins.  I am having 
difficulty locating references that would help me to design such a 
scheme, and would appreciate any assistance you could offer, on such 
topics as suggested antigen concentration, inoculation schedules, use of 
cyclophosphamide to deplete activated T-cells, etc.  Also it seems that 
I would need to simultaneously maintain tolerance to the first extract, 
while inducing an immune response to the second.  What are the 
limitations involved?  

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Jennifer L. Cruise, Dept. of Biology, University of St. Thomas

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