Report: All natural fiber captures and removes fat, holding weight industry mesmorized and in fear!!

Bernie Parent mrparent at magi.com
Thu Dec 14 22:39:33 EST 1995

To put it in such a way that doesn’t sound like I’m painting this  picture 
a little rosier than it actually is, this is quite simply the FIRST 
AND ONLY product of its kind.
A scientifically proven, passive and all natural weight loss product 
that works without hindrance. If you can visualize the overall benefits 
derived from this product once you’ve read the following, you will 
have no difficulty understanding the potential implications for consumers 
and distributors worldwide NOT TO MENTION THE WEIGHT LOSS INDUSTRY!.
Our company, a 1 billion dollar global corporation having been granted 
exclusive global rights to distribute a product called Fibrenet, has 
concluded that this product alone will create a major shift in the way 
weight conscious people look at losing weight.
This product has been researched by Norwegian scientists for over 15 
years and has been previously used both in Europe and in Japan. 
Tests with results that have exceeded all scientific expectations and 
which are now commanding attention throughout the weight loss industry, 
were done by a separate credible European institution.
One test which consisted of performing a placebo controlled, double 
blind study showed that people on Fibernet lost an average of 14 pounds 
over a 4 week period while placebo recipients lost 6 pounds over the 
same period. 
Because of its positive ionic charge, Fibrenet binds with negatively 
charged fat just like a magnet would bind to iron. The fat and fiber 
combination is now prevented from digestion or absorption and flows 
unobstructed through the body to be naturally excreted.
Estimates vary amongst experts with predictions that this product 
captures 6 to 12 times its weight in fat on the way through.
Fibrenet does not interfere with the absorption of any vitamins and 
minerals used after eating. It does not contain caffeine or synthetics 
and is all natural. It comes in capsule form and is absent of side 
effects and physical dependencies.
It can be used alone or in conjunction with other supplements as part 
of a personal weight loss program.
Fattening foods can be consumed with most or all of the fat content 
being escorted out of the system immediately !
 This indirectly causes the reduction of blood levels of cholesterol 
and triglycerides in the body. Results revealed a significant drop in 
systolic and diastolic pressure by as much as 20 millimeters of 
mercury on the systolic!
Utilizing any method of natural weight loss, it is known that over a 
period of 5 weeks, a 14 lb. weight loss lowers cholesterol an average 
of 32 % , improves HDL levels by an average of 7% , while lowering LDL 
levels by an average of 7%. 
Triglyceride levels are decreased by an average of 30% over the same 
period (5 weeks). 
Views concerning the benefits of Fibrenet vary among industry experts. 
All however, agree that there has never been a product providing benefits 
even remotely similar to those of Fibrenet.
Cardiologists have suggested this as being the safest and most effective 
weight loss product available today.
You do the math on the additional gains realized and the effects this 
will have on people’s lives.
Fibrenet is only available in the US for now but is expected to reach 
other countries in the near future.
Because it is being distributed through network marketing, Fibernet 
will not be available in stores and can only be purchased through 
independent distributors of our company.
With the first product shipment slated for delivery December. 20,1995, 
many are pre- ordering by calling the number below.
Whether you’re ready to finally get rid of that unwanted fat or if you’ve 
been waiting for that next ‘magical product’ that will catapult you 
to success in your own home based business, this product most definitely 
will make those goals easier to achieve.
Call the number below for more information or simply e-mail your 
enquiry via e-mail.
Participation in US distribution from other countries is indeed possible, 
in fact it is encouraged and supported.

Mr. Bernard Parent / 819-595-9305, e-mail: mrparent at magi.com

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