Immune system parameters?

L. Wollner ctrl-c at access.digex.net
Fri Dec 15 20:34:16 EST 1995

1.  What are the parameters by which a persons immune system
      may be judged?

2.  Is there a normal set of values? Do they vary with age?

3.  In diseases, such as AIDS, these values are compromised or 
      below the "norm" .   Is the opposite true ...can the immune 
      parameters be above the norm (super healthy) ?

4.   What mechanisms can be used to return a persons  immune
       system to the healthy norm or above the norm state (assuming
       there is no underlying disease)?

5.   What role do  hormones play with relation to the immune
       system?  Does it vary with age?

6.   What role do diet, exercise, environment or other life style
       activities play with reference  to  immune system health level?
       How about the mental state? Is depression bad for you?
       How about a constant state of euphoria?

7.   What role does  inherited genes play with reference  to immune
       system  health.  Are some people born with a healthier immune

       system  (above the norm)?

8.   What are the telltale signs of a below norm immune system?
       Are autoimmune diseases an indicator of a below norm immune
       system? above norm?  or an immune system design fault? or?

Thanks....    Happy Holidays......................L. Wollner

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