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davis at neb.com (Ted Davis) wrote:

>Would somebody be so kind as to point me in the direction of a
>comprehensive and current text/manual of methods in immunohistochemistry.




>Ted Davis
>New England Biolabs
>davis at neb.com

There are a lot of books on immunocytochemical technics. Here are some
of them:

Bullock CR, Petrusz P (1982, 1983, 1985)
Techniques in immunocytochemistry.
Vol. l, 2 et 3. Ed. Academic Press, London, ...,Paris,...

Cuello AC (1993)
Immunohistochemistry II.
Eds J. Wiley & Sons, Chichestern New York, Brisbane, Toronto, 

Day ED (1990)
Advanced immunochemistry.
Ed. Wiley-Liss Inc., New-York.

Manson MM (1992).
Immunochemical protocols : methods in molecular biology Vol 10.
Humana Press, Totowa, N.J.

Polak JM, Van Noorden S (1983)
Immunocytochemistry. Practical application in pathology and biology.
Ed. Wright P.S.G.,Bristol, London, Boston.

Polak JM, Varndell M (l984)
Immunolabelling for electron microscopy.
Ed Elsevier, Amsterdam, New-York, Oxford.

Sternberger LA (1979).
Second Edition, Edt John Wiley and Sons.New York, Chichester,
Brisbane, Toronto.

Hope this helps.

JC Garaud

	Jean-Claude GARAUD
	Institut de Chimie Biologique

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