AIDS Immunity in Africa

John Cherwonogrodzky jcherwon at dres.dnd.ca
Thu Dec 21 17:21:42 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues:
     Last night (10 p.m., Wed., 20 Dec 95) on the T.V. program, "Journeys", I 
saw an interesting documentary on the Winnipeg doctor working in Africa 
(Nigeria?). He began a study on sexually transmitted diseases and as a result 
of necessity branched out on the effect of AIDS in the prostitute population. 
5% were HIV positive but AIDS negative, and there was a predominance (I don't 
know how much, whether it's marginal or 90-100%) that these immune women had 
HLA groups A69 and B9 (my memory may be faulty). The longer the women had been 
in this occupation and the more the exposure to HIV, the more were their 
chances of being immune.
     I'm a bacteriologist, not a virologist nor an immunologist, but this 
might be a good topic to discuss.
     Take care...John

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