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Selective modulation of T-cell responses in autoimmunity and cancer
T.H.M. Ottenhoff

Modulators of immune responses: the evolutionary trail
C.J. Bayne and J. Zelikoff

Mucosal immunology: new frontiers
M. Kagnoff


Why is it so hard to dissociate multivalent antigens from cell surface
B. Goldstein and C. Wofsy

Mouse NK1.1+ T cells: a new family of T cells
A.P. Vicari and A. Zlotnik

Mucosal T cells and mast cells share common adhesion receptors
T.J. Smith and J.H. Weis

Lowering the tone: mechanisms of immunodominance among epitopes with low
affinity for MHC
P. J. Fairchild and D. C. Wraith

Molecular mimicry in the MHC: hidden clues to autoimmunity?
H. Baum, H. Davies and M. Peakman


Inhibitory MHC class I receptors on NK and T cells
L.L. Lanier and J.H. Phillips

Rearrangement/ hypermutation/ gene conversion: when, where and why?
J-C. Weill and C-A. Reynaud


The conveyor belt model for intrathymic T-cell migration
W. Savino

Inhibitory MHC class I receptors on NK and T cells: a standard nomenclature
E.O. Long, M. Colonna and L.L. Lanier

Eosinophilia: inhibition of apoptosis or differentiation?
K. Riehemann and C. Sorg

Reply to Riehemann and Sorg
H-U. Simon and K. Blaser

Serum HLA class I: clinical significance in organ transplantation
W. J. Burlingham

Reply to Burlingham
F. Puppo, M.  Scudeletti, F. Indiveri and S. Ferrone

Book Reviews

Immunology of Human Reproduction
Reviewed by R.D. Lambert

Stress, the Immune System and Psychiatry
Reviewed by G.A.W. Rook

The Dictionary of Immunology (4th edn)
Reviewed by S.J. Thompson

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