ELISA plate storage

ROGER COLLIN COLLINR at Agresearch.cri.nz
Wed Dec 20 20:59:01 EST 1995

I have developed a direct competitive ELISA assasy which works very well.  
However I would like to be able to store my plates so that I can use them as 
required rather than having to coat and block them immediatly before use.  
Does anyone have any experience in storage of ELISA plates which have already 
been coated with antibody? and could whoever you are please contact me about 
the best means to go about doing this.

I have made some attempts at storage which have involved drying the plate 
after blocking (I use PVP as a blocker) with and without a 5% sucrose rinse, 
which apparantly is meant to enhance ab stability.  I found large edge effects 
on my plates when using these techniques.

Thanks for your help

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