Animals and Blood Types

Jeffrey Frelinger jfrelin at MED.UNC.EDU
Fri Dec 29 15:07:27 EST 1995

Animals have blood types, but not all have natural blood group specific
antibodies.  There is an old hughe literature on this, some of whic I once
knew, but have forgotten.  There is/was a journal Animal blood groups and
biochemical genetics.  See if you can find it.
BTW famouys cattle blood groups story is that tolerance was discovered by
blood typing cattle.  True story done by my old PhD mentor Ray Owen.
Jeff Frelinger

At 06:39 PM 12/29/95 +0000, Stock up and save. Limit one. wrote:
>ok.  so I've looked in "Fundamental Immunology" and "Cellular and
>Molecular Immunology" for the answer to this one and cant find it, so
>here goes:
>a colleague of mine said that he heard a story on the news involving a
>local veterinary hospital and a "donor cat", which was well cared for
>and served to "donate" blood for surgeries.  he asked whether animals
>have blood types (sounds like a loaded question to me, so be patient
>in your replies...).  a local vet told him that such procedures are
>rarely done, but he never really answered the question.
>sorry if this post doesn't seem germane to this group, but it's the
>closest I can come within the "bionet" hierarchy.  pointers to
>literature references or books would be appreciated.
>pat martin

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