Help on CHO beta interferon (Rebil?)

Carla Orcutt carlao at efn.org
Sat Dec 30 15:26:04 EST 1995


I have been asked by a friend in Germany to find information on a new
developmental treatment for multiple sclerosis (encephalomyelitis
disseminata) . The new treamtent is based on beta interferon derived
from Chinese Hamster Ovaries (CHO). Supposedly, the drug is made and
tested by a joint venture company, one partner is based in Rehovot,
Israel. The other partner is based in New York. From my search I found
that the Weizmann Instiute is located in Rehovot and that Yeda
Research and Development Company is associated with the Institute. The
drug is called 'Rebil' in the German article my friend sent to me.
Apparently, Rebil is used very successfully in treating the symptoms
of MS.

My friend wishes to know about the availability of the drug and its
cost. My friend is a physician in Germany currently treating two
patients with MS with betaseron made by Bernex in California.

thank you for any help you may give me.

Carla Orcutt Ph.D. (Sociology)
5020 Talisman St. 
Eugene, OR 97405
carlao at efn.org

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