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Thu Feb 2 10:05:14 EST 1995

Ms Omaha (msomaha at wrote:
: Good afternoon. I am 25. and have been diagnosed with lupus this year. I
: am in desperate need of someone to ask advice of, and hopefully continue
: communications with regarding SLE. My first immunologist tried to have sex
: with me, and as a med tech, i know all the others, and fear for my
: confidentiality. Can anyone help, or guide me in the right direction? I
: saw the biomoo suggestion, but i don't think i can get to telnet :
: (....any other ops? I promise not to whine! : )

I've had lupus for twelve years.  We can commiserate together, if you'd 
like.  I also used to be a med tech!  If a doctor tried to violate you, 
nail him.  FInd a good internist to manage and coordinate your care.  You 
are going to end up having several doctors throughout all time.  There is 
an arthritis support newsgroup which may be helpful as well.

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