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Steve Hopkins shopkins at
Thu Feb 2 11:54:39 EST 1995

>>prev written in response to my posting:
>>>This is not true at all.  While steroid hormones are membrane soluble and
>>>act on receptors that are transcription factors, the peptide hormones
>>>(growth hormone, ACTH, insulin) and amino acid derivatives (serotonin, 
>>>dopamine, epinephrine) all work through membrane-bound receptors.
>>what is not true at all?  there is obviously a diff between steroid and
>>peptide hormones, but what i said obviously holds true for steroid hormones.  

Not necessarily, there is quite a bit of evidence that some cytokines may be 
translocated to the nucleus, following binding to their receptor, so making 
distinctions between hormones on this basis may not hold. 

Steve Hopkins

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