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>>However, I agree that the immune system is a true organ system, and it
>>seems to me that there is no real conceptual difference between cytokines
>>and other hormones.
>Absolutely agree about the receptor point. But the immune system as an organ 
>seems a bit much. Immunity is a physiological function. It seems rather like 
>saying the reproductive system is an organ. The thymus may be an organ, but 
>not the whole system (Which just about includes every cell in the body - 
>interferon producers!?).
>Steve Hopkins

You misread my post - I said that the immune system is a true organ *system*,
not an organ.  It is composed of organs (lymph nodes, thymus, GALT, etc.).  
It is sort of a gemisch of the circulatory (motile cells, organs connected by 
vasculature) and the endocrine (chemicals secreted into the blood for 
communication and to affect general physiology) systems.

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