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Immunology Today
Contents, March 1995


Dendritic cells as initiators of tumor immune responses - a possible strategy
for tumor immunotherapy?
S. Grabbe, S.Beissert, T. Schwarz and R. D Granstein.

Tolerance induction in the adult: `danger' at Le Bischenberg.
L. Chatenoud, H.Waldmann and F. Emmrich 

Serum HLA class I antigens: markers and modulators of an immune response?
F. Puppo, M.Scudeletti, F. Indiveri and S.Ferrone


Nitric oxide and asthmatic inflammation
P. J. Barnes and Liew F. Y.

Can live attenuated virus work as post-exposure treatment?
S. Bonhoeffer and M. A.Nowak

Physiological enzymatic cleavage of leukocyte membrane molecules.
V. Bazil.

The proportion of B-cell subsets expressing kappa and lambda light chains
changes following antigenic selection.
M.Cohn and R. E. Langman.

Psoriasis: a T-cell mediated autoimmune disease induced by streptococcal
H. Valdimarsson,  B. S.Baker, I. Jonsdottir, A.Powles and  L.Fry


The basis of autoimmunity: Part II  Genetic predisposition.
A. N. Theofilopoulos

The regulation and function of p21ras during T-cell activation and growth 
M. Izquierdo Pastor, K. Reif and D. A. Cantrell


Psychological aspects of stress immunology
M. Schedlowski Schmidt and Benschop R. J. R. E.

Psychological aspects of stress immunology: reply
L. Hoffman-Goetz and  B. Pedersen

Book reviews

Intrathymic T-Cell Development (R.G. Landes and Co, ed J. Nicolic-Zugic)
reviewed by D. Izon

Immunology of Transfusion Medicine (Marcel Dekker, ed G. Garratty) reviewed by
B. Hunt and H. Doughty

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