Help with paper topic

David J. Kanter 75444.2004 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Feb 7 17:13:24 EST 1995

I’m really stuck for a topic.

	I work full-time, and in the hopes of attending medical 
school in the next couple of years, I’m taking some night classes 
--- one of these classes is biology.
	In this class, we have to write a paper similar to a 
research grant application --- come up with some unresolved issue 
in biology or medicine, and write a proposal on how we’d go about 
resolving the issue.
	I find immunology fascinating, and would like to write my 
paper on an immunology topic, but with essentially no knowledge 
about this field, I have no idea where to begin picking a topic.
Does anyone know of an unresolved issue a novice like me could 


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