need your help: unexplained death

Scott Medlong ag445 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Wed Feb 8 06:46:10 EST 1995

Hi, the following is written by a friend of mine.
I am posting it for him but am not in the position 
to answer any questions. I have put his address at 
the end of the note. Please send any questions to him
directly. I will, however, forward any mail to him but
you should include a snail-mail address if you need a reply. 
Thanks for your time.
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Our daughter was admitted to a local hospital after suffering 
an apparent seizure. She had no history of seizures and tests 
showed no traces of drugs. She was crying and incoherent and
would not or  could not respond to questions.  The attending 
pskills. My wife insisted that our daughter be moved to a larger 
hospital but the attending physician resisted. He said that there 
was no infection and they intended to do an M.R.I. in a couple of days.
Oso they tied her arms back. Later that evening she passed away. 
She had stopped breathing and no one saw this until it was too late. 
What makes this so absurd is that the hospital had assigned personnel 
to be with her 24 hours a day. 
The autopsy showed that she had died from lack of oxygen. 
Of course, the doctors will accept no blame and it has never been 
determined why she stopped breathing. This has haunted us and we're 
doing anything  we can to find out why a healthy, 24 year old person 
would suddenly stop breathing for no apparent reason.  Please respond 
if you have any information concerning similar cases.
Send to: F. Perry
         228 Pratt Street
         Ravenna, Ohio 44266
   Or email to ag445 at cleveland.freenet 
   Medlong at
Thanks again.

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