kits for coupling protein A sepharose to IgG

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Thu Feb 9 13:19:31 EST 1995

In article <95039.153616LVM3 at>, Lakshmi Madabusi <LVM3 at> writes:
>I am interested in covalently coupling protein A sepharose to antibodies.  Ther
>e are a lot of kits which allow this, but I would like to get a feedback on the
> experience others have had with these kits. Could you please enlighten me on y
>our experience with any of the   kits used for this purpose? Thanks for your re

Second try!  Sorry computer problems.  I'm not sure the first one made it.  So
here it goes again.  Try using the kit from Pharmacia catalog # 17-0430-01. 
This is a CNBr-activated separose 4b material that works very well in our lab
for both IgG and IgM Abs.  The manufacturer provides a nice protocol/package
insert explaining everything you need to know about the use of the product. 
Also the Pharmacia catalog states this product as the "method of choice for
immobilizing Ab" (on page 82 of 1994 catalog)  Good luck.


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