Peptide solubility problems

Jane Goodall GoodallJC at
Thu Feb 9 07:29:17 EST 1995

Help! I am performing MHC/peptide binding assays by FACS but having
terrible problems with peptide insolubility following HPLC purification
(elutes @ 30% acetonitrile) and freeze-drying (sequence biotin-GVEGSLIVEKIMQSS).
 I have tried dissolving in PBS, DMSO,and acetonitrile. Initial dissolving is in
Guanadinium prior to HPLC, but this doesn't agree with cell culture (20h incubation
with EBVs). Any suggestions?


p.s. a similar peptide biotin-GLEPGVVAEKVRNLS is no bother at all. Ho hum.

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