Immunologist seeks research position

Prasad S. Turaga turaga at THORIN.UTHSCSA.EDU
Fri Feb 10 13:31:11 EST 1995

Dear netters,
    I am an immunologist looking for a research position in a challenging 
environment.  I have the training in cellular and molecular immunology, 
immunochemistry, diagnostic assay and vaccine development, 
immunopathology.  I am interested in positions which can best utilize my 
expertise and at the same time my research interests are towards 
inflammation/immunity, antibody isotype regulation, diagnostic assay 
development, cytokines, vaccines.  I am enclosing my resume herewith and 
please feel free to contact me should you be interested in my expertise.
Prasad Turaga

Prasad S. D. Turaga, Ph.D.
Department of Microbiology
U. T. Health Science Center
San Antonio, TX - 78284
(210) 567-3963  (work)
(210) 341-8987 (home)
e mail: turaga at

Personal: Permanent Resident of USA, married, willing to relocate

Education: 1989  Ph. D.  Microbiology.  Oregon State University, 
  Corvallis, OR - 97331
  1982  M. Pharm.  Andhra University, Waltair, India
  1979  B. Pharm.  Kakatiya University, Warangal, India

Research/Professional Experience: 
 Trained in cellular immunology, molecular immunology,
 immunochemistry and host-pathogen interactions.       
Nov 1989- Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Microbiology, The University of  
present  Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX - 78284

 Determined the frequency of cells expressing transcripts for 
 interleukins and immunoglobulins using in situ hybridization 
 methodology.  Developed assays (ELISA and bioassay) to estimate 
 the levels of different interleukins in T cell lines generated from 
 mice infected with cestode parasite.  Performed studies involving 
 fractionation of B cells depending on density and size 
 (elutriation) and characterized their phenotype using FACS.  
 Functional studies were done on such cells for the expression of 
 germline transcripts for different immunoglobulins.  Developed 
 hamster anti-mouse monoclonal antibodies against T cells in pursuit 
 of novel markers.  Estimating frequencies of cells expressing 
 germline gamma1 transcripts from FACS sorted B cell populations 
 utilizing RT-PCR technique is currently underway.

Apr 84-89 Graduate Research Assistant, Dept. of Microbiology, Oregon   
  State University, Corvallis, OR - 97331

 Performed physical and functional characterization of soluble 
 antigen derived from a bacterial pathogen.  Developed sensitive 
 diagnostic assays for the disease (ELISA and Western Blot) using 
 the soluble antigen as the marker.  Characterized the protease 
 activity associated with the bacterial antigen and its role in 
 biological activity.  Developed assay system to demonstrate for the 
 first time in salmonids, antigen:antibody complexes in infected 
 animals, both in serum and in tissues (immunohistochemistry).  
 Developed a vaccine candidate with soluble antigen coupled to 
 different adjuvants via chemical coupling methods.  Developed 
 assays (chemiluminescence) to assess the phagocytic capacity of 
 cells from animals.

Professional Affiliations:

 American Association of Immunologists
 American Association for the Advancement of Science
 Sigma Xi

References: Available upon request

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