Garlic effect on Platelets

Ron Walenga rxw13 at
Fri Feb 10 09:03:25 EST 1995

In article <3h4pcv$plm at> law30113 at (NICHOLAS PHILIP LAZARUS) writes:
>I am a student and I am currently researching the effect of garlic on 
>platelet formation and interactions. I would like to know where I can 
>obtain research information regarding this topic on the internet. Have 
>any other institutions done this research or is there a conference where 
>someone knowledgeable on this topic can help me ? I need to aqquire this 
>information via internet as there is no other feasible way.

>I am currently preparing for the research undertaking on a small scale in 
>Singapore medical labs and am hoping to form a background view of what 
>I'm getting into.

>Thanks, Any help greatly appreciated.

Allicins, sulfhydryl containing compounds found in garlic oil have 
cyclooxygenase inhibitory actions, thus they have the same anti[latelet effect 
as aspirin.  One author who's name I recall is JM Bailey - a post doc of his 
did some woek on the subject about 3-4 years ago.

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