Help: Methods for New edition of Practical Immunology

Frank C Hay frank at
Fri Feb 10 05:37:33 EST 1995

We are preparing a 4th edition of Practical Immunology, Blackwell Science.

We would love to have your favourite methods and tips. OBVIOUSLY any
methods we use will be acknowledged in the text. The book is aimed at
graduate students as well as undergraduates, and as a primary source book
for lab workers. 

In particular we would like suggestions for the chapters we are working on
at the moment.

1 Immunofluorescence, immunogold etc.

2 Lymphocyte trafficking and migration

3 In vitro lymphocyte culture - differences in conditions for different
species- antigen stimulation etc.

Please feel free to send any methods, however, and we promise to get back
to you.


Frank Hay and Olwyn Westwood

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