Non-radioactive Cytotoxic Lysis Assay ?

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> Are there any companies that sell non-radioactive, colorimetric Cytotoxic
> Lysis Assay ?  If anybody knows anthing about it, please, let me know  !! 
> Thanks in advance.  
> regards, 
Hi Aki Hoji,

I think Boehringer sells such assays. As far as I can remember it is based
on incorporation of BrdU into target cells and target DNA cell fragmentation
like in the JustAnotherMethod - Assay described by Polly Matzinger, J Immunol
Meth. The remaining BrdU in the high molecular weight DNA is detected with
an Ab specific for BrdU.

Just to mention: I have nothing in common with Boeringer (except that I am
german as well).

The Jam assay works quite well for me and I prefer it compared with the
old Cr release assay in cases where I have to use many targets loaded
with different peptide/-concentations. Otherewise the Cr assay is quite
a good assay, it always worked !

good luck


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