re Peptide Insol problems..

Ralph M Bernstein ralph at
Fri Feb 10 09:23:41 EST 1995


When we have that problem we sometimes just sonicate the hell out of the
peptide soln (usually in PBS) with a wand sonicator and then rock o/n at 4
degrees (w/ some azide) on a nutator.  Sometimes the insoluability can be
due to hydrophobic residues/stretches but I think it is  more often due to
purity of peptide-I know you said you hplc'd them , but who knows.  Also,
I've never used peptides prelinked to biotin, I think our lab usually
biotinylates them later-if at all.  Perhaps this is the source of your problems?

a caveat: I dont know if the sonication step affects or shears the peptide
at all-or if it could.


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