Cure for leukemia

Anthony C. acc4636 at
Fri Feb 10 16:39:02 EST 1995

I found this article from the AP in my schools newspaper.  The headliner
is "Experiment shows 'smart bomb' 99% effective as a cure for leukemia" sounds
quite promising.  The article appears in todays science (which we wont
get for a week or two) so I havent been able to read it.  The gist of it
is that F.M Uckun of the University of Minneapolis has developed an
antibody to CD19 (pan B cell marker) which kills B-cell precursor leukemia
cells in scid(?) mice.  What seems odd to me is that using an antibody to CD19
would leave a person immune compromised for antibody dependent 
infections.  For therapy like this would the immune system replace the 
destroyed B cells?  Is the B-cell precursor leukemia a leukemia of one specific
B-cell line?  In anycase my feeling is that the headline overstates
the actual results.
Anthony C.

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