1 mab - 2 different proteins?

Dirk Mielenz fn162 at fim.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Feb 9 03:26:59 EST 1995

Hi all,
has anyone ever heard of a monoclonal antibody recognizing
two completely different and unrelated proteins?
I don't think that the posibility of one certain epitope 
consisting of 4-6 amino acids (perhaps additionally N-
or O-glycosylated) occuring in two different proteins
is that low. If one looks at possible permutations for
a row of 4 to 6 amino acids out of 20, the number
should be relatively low compared to the number of
existing proteins. I've been thinking about that problem
because it might be that we have such a mAb 
in our lab.I'd be very glad if anyone has literature hints. 
Thanks in advance,

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