Interleukin injection in nude mouse

Mon Feb 13 09:29:03 EST 1995

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> Hi everybody,
> Does anybody have experienced injecting IL in mouse? What is  the schedule of
>  injection, once a day? twice a week? Does 100 ng/injection would be sufficient
> to exert physiological response? I plan to use nude mouse as model.

What is the cytokine you will be injecting?  The dose and route of 
transfer for biological effects varies among cytokines and may need 
to be assessed by a preliminary experiment.  Do you have enough 
cytokine to perform multiple experiments or a dose response?  What 
effect are you trying to observe and how will you assess the in 
vivo effect of cytokine administration?  What is the experience of 
other labs using your cytokine and system?  

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