Adherent NK cells: No trypsin please!

Robert C. Newton Robert_C._Newton at
Wed Feb 15 11:14:42 EST 1995

> Can anyone suggest or know of a method for removing cultured adherent NK
>  cells from a plastic surface?  I don't want to use trypsin or a cell 
> scraper because I prefer the cells to be intact.  I've tried using 
> Teflon bags (American Fluoroseal Co.) for NK cell cultures ( all cells 
> are suspended), however the bags are cumbersome to work with

Have your tried chelating agents?  If your adhesion is integrin based the
cells should come off with 5mM EDTA in cation free buffers.  As an alternate
you can use the cell dissociation buffers supplied by manufacturers like
GIBCO.  We have used the latter on a wide variety of cell lines with much
success - it's worked with receptor binding, FACS analysis and biological

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