1 mab - 2 different proteins?

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> Hi all,
> has anyone ever heard of a monoclonal antibody recognizing
> two completely different and unrelated proteins?
> I don't think that the posibility of one certain epitope 
> consisting of 4-6 amino acids (perhaps additionally N-
> or O-glycosylated) occuring in two different proteins
> is that low. If one looks at possible permutations for
> a row of 4 to 6 amino acids out of 20, the number
> should be relatively low compared to the number of
> existing proteins. I've been thinking about that problem
> because it might be that we have such a mAb 
> in our lab.I'd be very glad if anyone has literature hints. 
> Thanks in advance,
> Dirk

Hi Dirk

This is certainly a well documented  result and has reached textbook
dogma. In "Immunology" edited by Roitt, Brostoff and Male in the 3rd
edition,(Mosby). page 6.5 and 6.6 you will see a discussion  of
polyfunctional binding sites and a good explanation of how this arises. It
will take some effort to get the original papers but I could look these
out if necessary. Please send an email if so.



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