splenic extravasation

Ralph A. Sorensen rsorense at GETTYSBURG.EDU
Thu Feb 16 08:01:27 EST 1995

In preparing a lecture on the functional anatomy of lymphoid tissues, I have 
encountered a question that leaves a hole in my notes: how does 
extravasation of lymphocytes occur in the spleen? All of my sources wax 
eloquent on the role of the HEV in lymph nodes and unencapsulated lymphoid 
tissue, but the only reference I find to the spleen is that there is no HEV! 
To further my confusion, while it is no problem for lymph node lymphocytes 
to return to the circulation via the efferent lymphatics, how do splenic 
lymphocytes return from the white pulp? Could someone help me out and/or 
point me to a reference? Thanks.
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