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Thu Feb 16 14:33:29 EST 1995

Feb. 16, 1995


I have a puzzle for you.  I'm (I know, I'm not a real immunologist,
but a molecular and microbial person) teaching Immunology.  I have a 
very small class, which doesn't give me a whole lot of 'examples' to
work with.  We got the lectin preparation kit from Carolina and used
it yesterday, along with conventional anti-A, anti-B and anti-D (Rh
factor) antisera.
My *two* students who made it to class (the flu is really hitting us
here in Nebraska) did not know their blood types, nor were sure of
their parent's blood types.
I tested my blood as an example - I happen to be AB+, Rh+.... a good
test.  The antisera reacted well with my blood, and the lectin kit
also worked.
The students both typed out as B+, Rh+ with the lectins, but neither
one had any B+ reaction from the antisera.  The Rh did show as +.

Are lectins that much more sensitive than the antisera?
Can anyone suggest what might have happened - yes, I am considering
sending them to the hospital for typing there (if they still do it
in our tiny town).

I confirmed that the antisera was working - my cells reacted normally.
Even under the microscope, we could not see any agglutination with
the B antisera.
Any suggestions ?

Sue Katz,  Biology, Doane College, Crete NE
DKatz at

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