Adherent NK cells: No trypsin please!

David Peritt Peritt_d at
Thu Feb 16 13:36:23 EST 1995

In article <kirberg-1602951004200001 at> Jorg Kirberg,
kirberg at writes:
>> Dear bionet.immunology readers,
>> Can anyone suggest or know of a method for removing cultured adherent
>> cells from a plastic surface?  I don't want to use trypsin or a cell 
>> scraper because I prefer the cells to be intact.  I've tried using 
>> Teflon bags (American Fluoroseal Co.) for NK cell cultures ( all cells 
>> are suspended), however the bags are cumbersome to work with.
  NK cells are not classical adherant cells.  We grow human NK from PBL
and just wash out with pipet rinses and get near full recovery.  Why are
your NK sticking???

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