Looking for Leads

Jonathon B Stewart jstewart at uoguelph.ca
Thu Feb 16 16:17:31 EST 1995

Looking for leads....

     My name is Jonathon Stewart and I'm looking for an opportunity to learn
more about immunology research this summer.  I'm curently enroled in an
honours biology program at the University of Guelph.  Within this program I've
taken full year courses in Pharmacology and Immunology.  I am seeking
clinical\research experience in either field.  In the fall I plan on moving into a
Co-op pharmacology program at Mc Master University, with a focus on
immunopharmacology.  I have gained experience in many immunological lab
techniques within my immunology course, including practice working with lab
animals.  Having consistently achieved Dean's honours list status, I am an
academically strong student.  A placement that would extend from May to
August would be ideal,  but I would take a shorter work term if necessary.  I am
willing to travel.
     Any guidance in this endeavour would be greatly appreciated.  Please
contact me at my E-mail address, jstewart at uoguelph.ca, or leave a message
     Thank-you in advance for your assistance.

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