Adherent NK cells: No trypsin please!

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> Dear bionet.immunology readers,
> Can anyone suggest or know of a method for removing cultured adherent NK 
> cells from a plastic surface?  I don't want to use trypsin or a cell 
> scraper because I prefer the cells to be intact.  I've tried using 
> Teflon bags (American Fluoroseal Co.) for NK cell cultures ( all cells 
> are suspended), however the bags are cumbersome to work with.

Dear Martin,

at least for fibroblasts, which adhere very strong to tissue culture
plates, I used to put them after trypsinisation for 1 - 2 days on
plastic bacterial dishes. As these are not tissue culture treated the
fibroblasts (Ltk- i used) could not adhere, They could simply be 
washed away by forcefully using a pasteur pipette.



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