splenic extravasation

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In article <9502161255.AA23618 at popserver.jr.cc.gettysburg.edu>, rsorense at GETTYSBURG.EDU (Ralph A. Sorensen) says:
>In preparing a lecture on the functional anatomy of lymphoid tissues, I have 
>encountered a question that leaves a hole in my notes: how does 
>extravasation of lymphocytes occur in the spleen? All of my sources wax 
>eloquent on the role of the HEV in lymph nodes and unencapsulated lymphoid 
>tissue, but the only reference I find to the spleen is that there is no HEV! 
>To further my confusion, while it is no problem for lymph node lymphocytes 
>to return to the circulation via the efferent lymphatics, how do splenic 
>lymphocytes return from the white pulp? Could someone help me out and/or 
>point me to a reference? Thanks.
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Sonia Carlson at the University of Kentucky has done some nice work on
the role of catecholamines on lymphocyte trafficing in the spleen.  You
might try running a medline search for ref's. 

Ed Purcell
University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, Des Moines, Iowa 

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