The theory of COMPLEXITY applied to immunology

Dave dkarlin at MESSEL.EMSE.FR
Fri Feb 17 11:27:13 EST 1995

                        Hi everybody !

        I'm a French student having some knowledges both in biology and in
physics (rather than in English alas),
and I've just read a recent book called "The theory of complexity - life at
the edge of chaos" by the well-known scientific journalist Roger Lewin. I'm
studying dynamic systems and have found that this book is mere genius ;
moreover, its applications in biology, especially embryogenesis, evolution
and last but not least, immunology are certainly very wide and very=
         It's a REALLY SIMPLE book so don't hesitate reading it. It's
fascinating ! I have some ideas about some applications in immunology and
would greatly appreciate any comment and discussion on that topic.

        Perhap I should give you a short summary : the book deals with the
evolution of complex systems (such as the immune net !) and about the
auto-organisation (in life for example) ;
- complex systems tend to come on the edge of chaos (the place where the
greatest information can be exchanged).
- complex systems evolve toward "attracteurs =E9tranges" as Mandelbrot named
them. Have a look to embryogenesis !

expecting (hoping)  answers soon,
Dave (dkarlin at

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