Human TCR V beta gene family nomenclature

dr. jack komisar dr._jack_komisar at WRSMTP-CCMAIL.ARMY.MIL
Fri Feb 17 15:49:41 EST 1995

          Our Immunotech representative told us that a paper has been
          published in Immunogenetics about a new nomenclature for
          human V beta gene families (there is a paper cited in the
          1994 Immunotech catalogue by Wei et al. as being in press).
          I have not been able to find that paper.  The latest issue
          of Immunogenetics received by two libraries that I use is
          October, 1994.  Has anyone seen this paper?  Is it similar
          to the nomenclature in the WHO bulletin 71:113-115 1993?

                                             Jack Komisar

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