Ab to eukaryotic protein

Dale Hreczuk-Hirst HS0DHR at Sunderland.AC.UK
Tue Feb 21 06:49:20 EST 1995

In article <1995Feb16.170415.41963 at cc.usu.edu>, sl16s at cc.usu.edu (NAME 
>Dear Netters, 
>                  I plan to raise polyclonal antibodies to a eukaryotic
>protein expressed in E. coli. I plan to do this  by injecting the rabbit with
>an emulsion of the protein in freunds complete adjuvant. Will the fact that the
>eukaryotic protein was expressed in E. coli be of any hinderance to formation
>of antibody which recognize structural epitopes( due to not proper folding in
>the E. coli) ? I will be great full for any comments on this. thanks in
You may find that there are one or two problems regarding tertiary structure
but in an expressed vector these problems occour when there is post 
translational prossessing in the native animal ie glycosylation however if your 
proyien is short enough then folding should occour without the need of 
processing or the pressence of chaperone molecules.

To others who may contradict me i apologies as im an immnologist not a 
molecular biologist..


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