HIV and TCell Numbers/Memory

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>Hi all,
>I have a question for those thymic-t cell people out there that is actually
>related to the recent t-cell number/ HIV questions posted.  
>question: where the hell are those tcell being made?  everyone knows that
>aafter or at puberty the thymus involudes-we are left with a very poor
>education system. 

As far as I know, *nobody* has the definitive answer to this question - 
clearly T cells are produced in adults, even in the absence of a thymus.  On 
hypothesis that I have heard is that the secondary immune organs (spleen and 
lymph nodes) take over for T cell development and selection.  Unfortunately (?)
most T cell development studies are done in mouse, and the mouse thymus does 
not involute, so it is not possible to address this problem in the mouse 
system (and thymectomized mice do not regenerate T cells).

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