Selectable surface marker for sorting transfected B cells

Thomas Chiles
Wed Feb 22 18:05:21 EST 1995

We are conducting transient transfections in murine Bal-17 B cells to
examine the effects of antisense mRNAs on cell cycle.  However, only about
20 % of the cells take up the antisense plasmid and there is a certain
amount of read-through from the non-transfected cells.  Although the
background is not a major problem in our experiments, we would like to
separate the transfected cells from the nontransfected cells. Is anyone
aware of an expression vector encoding a surface antigen that is not
normally expressed on murine B cells which we can co-transfect with the
antisense construct and then select for surface expession via panning of

Brian Mcmanus
Boston College
at ChilesT at

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