Wed Feb 22 13:26:02 EST 1995

Superantigens unlike antigens stimulate large numbers of CD4+ T cells. Several
toxins are superantigens, they can stimulate all the T cells in an individual
whichexpress a particular set or family of V beta T cell receptor
genes. This resullarge numbers of T cells
and tesults in cytokine productitaphylococcal enterotoxins bdirectly
to class II MHC antigens  on accessory     cells.They do not associate with MHC
molecules in hte peptide binding cleft as do normal antigens. They do not need
processing like protein antigens. The same enterotoxin binds to cla
class II antigens of diff allels, indicating taht polymorphism of the MHC does
not influence  presentation of these antigens.
hope this helps.

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