HIV and TCell Numbers/Memory

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> Regardless 
> of which population was transferred the phenotype was always that of a memory 
> cell (Bell and Sparshott expts notwithstanding, although I think that data 
> comes from long-term (1-year) transfers).  This is interesting as the change 
> in virgin phenotype must not be due to activation by Ag but due to expansion
> as part of homeostasis.

Hi Bill,
could you give any reason why the expansion must not be Ag mediated ?
The specificity of the cells is unknown, they are of naive phenotype
before transfer and gain the memory phenotype. Therefore, why shouldnt
Ag be responsible for an enormous expansion of certain cells (maybe of
limited clonal size) whereas the others just stay around, but will be
difficult to find as outcompeted in cell numbers by the expanding



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