Info on Steraloids and Kodak Diagnostics companies

Peter Cochrane osmanthu at
Thu Feb 23 05:21:03 EST 1995

czhou at UPEI.CA (Chengfeng Zhou) wrote:
 >I would appreciate it again if someone can tell me the address and 
 >telephone number for the companies Steraloids and Amerlite (formally Kodak 
 >Thank you very much
 >Chengfeng Zhou
 >Dept. of Anatomy and Physiology
 >Univ. of Prince Edward Island
 >Charlottetown, PEI, C1A 4P3  CANADA
 >E-Mail: CZHOU at UPEI.CA  Tel:(902)5660835  Fax:5660958
On November 30 1994 Kodak Clinical Diagnostics Ltd, Kodak Diagnostic SA and
Kodak Diagni\ostici S.p.A. were acquired by Johnson & Johnson and ceased to be
affiliated with Eastman Kodak Company.

In the USA this effected a change from Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, NY 
 Clinical Diagnostic Systems, Inc, Rochester NY.

Sorry I don't have a specific address or phone number. Suggest you try your
international directory assistance.

Peter Cochrane.

Unipath laboratories
Victoria. AUSTRALIA.

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