Lack of chicken IgD-IgE

Roy Jefferis r.jefferis at
Thu Feb 23 14:08:07 EST 1995

In article <793258338-0-4462 at>, J. Butler <jebutler at> says:
>Can anyone tell if there is a paper discussing the sequencing of the
>chicken heavy chain Ig locus?  Supossedly it is mentioned that the
>chicken lacks both IgD and IgE, but we haven't been able to find this
>publication.  Several investigators from several universities have
>heard rumors about this, but none has actually seen this paper, or
>name any authors.  Any information would be really appreciated.
>  Thanks in advance,    jebutler at

Hello John, Have you looked into Mansikka, A. (1992) The chicken IgA heavy chains: implications concerning 
the evolution of heavy chains. J.Immunol. 149, 855-861. Otherwise, Max
Cooper will know what the curent position is.

Kind regards, Roy

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