Need rat antimouse CD8 mAb, YTS 169.4, or other mAbs to eliminate CD8s in adult mice.

Aki Hoji ahohji at STUDENTS.WISC.EDU
Fri Feb 24 09:20:05 EST 1995

Hi all !!

I am planning to eliminate CD8+ cells in adult mice, and I need a
monoclonal YTS 169.4 which is the rat anti mouse CD8 mAb.  Since I don't
quite know exactly where to obatin this mAb, or the hybridoma producing it
(meaning, it is not commercially avialable), any help will be appriciated
to locate it.  Also, I like to know if there are any other mAbs avialable
to do the same job.  Thanks in advance.  

Aki Hoji
University of Wisconsin, Madison

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