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> Does anybody have a protocol for making Fab fragments from IgG from Ascites 
> fluid using Sigma's insoluble papain?
> I'd be grateful if people could contact me if they have used this.  
> Emma Cleal
> elc at mail.nerc-oxford.ac.uk
> Institute of Virology and Environmental Microbiology

Ciao Emma,

I dont know why people use the papain fixed to a carrier, as it is not much
more work (and actually much more cheaper) if using papain, where one does not
need the highest quality, just itself.
I used papain from Calbiochem, #5125, and had good results; probably the 2x
cristallized powder from sigma or any other company will do as good.
The protocol I used was taken from Harlow and Lane, Antibodies. A Laboratory
Manual, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 1988 and Goding, Monoclonal Antibodies:
Principles and practise, Academic press, 1986.

Good luck


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