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> Hi,
> Can someone here enlighten me some important references on how TCR was
> hunted at the very biginning? i.e., how and by what experiment did people
> realize that the heterodimetric T-cell receptor was the surface receptor
> to recognize foreign antigens by T lymphocytes?

Hi Ding,
actually I cant answer your question, but out of curiosity I would like
to ask the people responding about another thing a "bit" related:

Werent there some data arguing that the T cell receptor is actually
immunoglobin ? I once had heard that this statement was made, and that
it was actually published in quite acceped journals.
Is this true, whom did so and what was the basis of their argumentation ?
Were these data ever cleaned up (say retracted) if published ?

Just interested how science went those days (not that long ago anyhow),


P.S.: I am aware of the proof that the genes found were relevant for the
specificity of T cells. There was a paper in Nature from Z. Dembic and
M. Steinmetz (the one whom killed the I-J story of suppressor cell restriction)
and others showing that transfection of a and b genes was sufficient to
transfer specificity. Should be easy to locate with medline.


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